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Colored Mulches have a brighter appearance and will deliver a longer life cycle. All of our colored mulches are made of pine mulch that has been dyed and enriched with organic pigments. When properly applied, our colored mulches offer a number of benefits that include the reduction of weed growth, prevention of water loss from the soil, and nutrient suppliments which are added back into the soil as the mulch breaks down into compost as seasons end. All of our colored mulches are 100% eco-friendly and pose no harm to your home, family, or yard.

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Pine Bark Nuggets are very robust, and have a longer life cycle, especially in low traffic areas. These products do not compact which allows for water and oxygen to penetrate the ground easily. Pine Bark Nuggets have a great appearance and are rich in acid. As the bark breaks down, it increases the acidic levels in the underlying soils, making it a great choice around plants and shrubs with hard brown stems.

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