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Conversion Info

Please note that the mulch calculator is based in feet, not inches. Use the following conversions:

 1in=.08ft      2in=.17ft
 3in=.25ft      4in=.33ft
 5in=.42ft      6in=.50ft
 7in=.58ft      8in=.67ft
 9in=.75ft     10in=.83ft
11in=.92ft    12in=1.0ft 

Mulch Calculator


Length (ft) x Width (ft) x Depth (ft) / 27
= #cubic yards




Watson Greener Landscaping



need  compost3

Our 100% organic compost is enriched with fruits, vegetables, and other organic products, providing optimum growing nutrients for your lawn or garden. Compost is a safer, healthier choice over chemically saturated fertilizers. You also will not have the hassle of adding weed killers to your lawn, as the natural heating process during the composting procedure kills off all weed seeds, leaving you with a vibrant green lawn.


IMG 6160 topsoil closeup IMG 6196

Screened Topsoil is great for filling holes, leveling lawns, and covering bare areas of brown spots or where trees have been removed. Garden soil is commonly used for planting vegetables, annuals, and various grasses. Potting soil is enhanced with various acids, making it a good choice for bushes, trees, and other plants with hard branches. All of these soils are quite commonly used, but none will provide the level of nutrients found in compost.


 fill dirt

Fill Dirt is yellow in color and of a sandy texture. This product has a proctor of 107.0 and is best used for foundations, swimming pool bases, underlaying step stones, filling holes, etc.




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Compost & Soils


Landscape Boulders